Thursday, 15 April 2010


Had a fabulous time at my brother's wedding on Monday... but it was knackering!

We drove five hours to Orchardleigh House in Somerset on Sunday. Loads of us were staying in cottages on the estate and we crunched into the courtyard just in time for a couple of cheeky glasses of wine before leaving for the rehearsal in the church.

Came back to continue the party and BBQ although I crashed out at 10.15 - only to be woken up again at midnight when himself came to bed. Cheers for that.

Not being used to central heating I had the worst nights sleep ever - I was just baking all night.

Got up at 7, sat drinking coffee around the kitchen table with loads of other people, followed by a fantastic full breakfast cooked by my brother's (very soon) to be mother in law.

Moved into the main house once we were showered and had had our hair done - got changed at speed...

I was somewhat disrupted by the fact that between me taking off my clothes and putting on my dress FOUR people knocked on the damn door!!! This resulted in me diving into the toilet (room not bowl!) repeatedly - in varying states of undress.

Finally managed to get ready and we set off on the coach for the church. The service was beautiful, the hymns were some I love, and I didn't totter off my heels whilst walking up the aisle to do my reading - the thought of which had actually kept me awake at night!!

The church was beautiful but I'm betting that when they put the ornate grills all down the centre of the aisle the stilleto hadn't been invented...

We got back to the house to be greeted by Champagne and canapes which were fabulous. After photos and mingling we sat down to a fantastic dinner of salmon mousse, beef Wellington with heart shaped Dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables followed by a chocolate and raspberry dessert which was stunning. All accompanied by three wines, and followed by the speeches which came with more Champagne!

Following dinner came the Ceilidh band and lots of dancing, the drink flowed free, and everyone dived in and out of the "Groovy Booth" - a photo booth with accessories lol. At ten there was even more food with a fab supper buffet.

That night I fell into bed as "last (wo)man standing" at 2.45am... So I was less than impressed when I woke up at 7!

Following a lot of coffee, juice and an enormous breakfast we finally set off for home, knackered, at 11.30. Five and a half hours later we rolled into the drive...

Noone could be bothered to cook so we had Domino's, which turned out to be the straw that broke the camel's back for me and I spent the night upchucking. I think my stomach finally revolted at all the rich food! I NEVER eat half the things I ate over those three days so not really surprising.

Am still trying to catch up on my sleep but it was a truly fantastic wedding!

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