Friday, 17 December 2010

Too busy to blog....

I have been too busy to blog for the last 8 months!!

Ok, maybe not always too busy, but to be fair I've had a lot going on....

In July we made the move from Cyprus to Germany. For me that meant a (delayed - no surprises there) flight to the UK with the RAF, followed by a weekend in Brighton at my brother's, then a week or so at home with Mum. After that came a ferry ride and drive across Europe to our new home in north east Germany - Lower Saxony, or Niedersachsen, to be precise. For himself it meant flying direct to Germany with the dog two days after I got here, after the removals had arrived and were already being dealt with. I have to say this was my choice as I prefer to do the unpacking so I know where everything is.

With the move came all the usual bumph of sorting the house, registering with every man and his dog, getting phone lines and internet sorted, followed by the hunt for a job and generally finding my way about.

Whilst I still speak enough French to manage very nicely it's no use to me in Germany - and most of the German I did at school appears to have departed my brain through my left ear at some point in the last 16 years. Not helpful, but I'm picking up things relatively quickly.... although the phrases I'm learning seem to relate mainly to shopping... Strange that!

So here we are, settled and happy, with a job I love and new, but already good, friends.

Himself is away a lot - so after two years of having him home most of the time we are back to situation normal.

One thing I will say about Germany in December is SNOW!!!!

Slightly irritating to hear people in the UK twining about the weather when I have to go shovel a foot of snow off the drive by law - and I have to go out snow or not, but hey ho.

And because I have to do this I really shouldn't be here now, so I'm going out to wield my trusty shovel and think about what good exercise it is whilst I try not to freeze to death in the -8 "feels like -13" temperatures. (That "feels like" thing is strange - for me if it "feels like" it is - or should be!)

Happy Friday people!